So What Is a Professional Organizer?


Maybe you have only recently heard the term “professional organizer,” in which case, you are in good company!

Though professional organizing as an industry has been around for some time now, it seems to be taking off this year with a certain Netflix show that is taking over the world. Marie Kondo has been teaching and writing about The KonMari Method for years, but was not received as a household name until this year with the launch of her tv show, Tidying Up. Thus, when I tell someone that I am a professional organizer, the response I get is, “Oh, like the show!”

Well, yes. And also no.

Marie Kondo teaches one very specific way of decluttering and organizing, and while I love her and her method, my own looks a bit different. Actually, a lot different.

I believe every professional organizer out there looks different from the rest. We all have our own systems, order of things, client relationships, and so on. The process of finding the right organizer for you is just as unique as you are!

I love helping busy women retake control of their homes so they can take on the world.

Because this process can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining, I am there with my client every step of the way. Together, we declutter and find the right amount of, well, everything. Together, we come up with systems that work – not for me, but for my client. I love collaborating with clients, because they are the ones who ultimately have to live with whatever systems we create.

Once both of us have a clear vision for a space, that’s when the magic really happens. My client can be as involved as she wants. Of course, the hours are basically doubled when the client works along with me, but I am more than happy to just do it all. Like I said, my clients are women who are usually busy with work, kids, or both. I can Spruce Up while you take care of the hundred other things on your list today. (See, it really is magical.)

Whether you need help with a single closet or your entire home, outsourcing something like decluttering and organizing really can be life-changing.

“Make the most of the most important place on earth – home.” –Joshua Becker, The Minimalist Home